NanoQI presentation at DPG Spring Meeting 2023

While visitors toured the Fraunhofer FEP campus during the Optical Process Control & Monitoring of Thin-Film Production workshop on the 30th March 2023. Dr. Patrick Schlenz presented the results from their coFlex 600 integration of the HySpex hyperspectral cameras at the spring meeting of the German physical society “Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e. V. (DPG)”

His presentation with the title Large area functional thin film properties mapping using in-line hyperspectral imaging during roll-to-roll magnetron sputter deposition, also included contributions from University of Dortmund, Fraunhofer IWS and Norsk Elektro Optikk AS. To read more about how combinatorial thickness mapping of a binary metal-oxide double layer (thickness up to 120nm) on PET substrate can predict thickness accuracy of only a few %, click here.

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