NanoQI M36 Meeting and Workshop I 29th – 30th March I Dresden

Last week, the NanoQI consortium had the chance to meet again at Fraunhofer FEP in Dresden to discuss the progress at M36 of the project, as well as for the second dedicated workshop of the project, this time with the title Optical Process Control & Monitoring of Thin-Film Production.

After three years, we finally had the chance to see the NEO (HySpex) hyperspectral imaging camera installed at the coflex web coating machine and how it can be used in combination with BAXS’s x-ray solutions for accurate in-line optical process control of thin films.

Among the topics that were discussed during the event, Fraunhofer IAP addressed the enormous benefits of this technology for defect detection at processing stage of organic electronic devices.

Lastly, aside from a colorful demo, introduced by NEO and Fraunhofer IWS, including their software suites, the importance of data processing and data analysis for quality control was highlighted.